Just in time for the holidaze, now available for your perusing and gift-giving pleasure : the third English language edition of The 10 Commandments of Pleasure. So, as a Holiday Bloggamy gift to you, I am hereby posting an excerpt from the new edition that did not appear in the first or second edition. Coming in under The 5th Commandment

Our Erotic Insurgent Masquerade, playing tonight on RadioSuzy1TV, is a wild, wondrous and sizzlingly hot Scary Sex circus of various erotic personae, porn stars and clowns, pirates and witches, “jail bait” and cheerleaders, lawyers and doctors (real and fantasy), pimps ‘n’ ho’s (just fantasy, as far as I know…), decadent kings and dominant queens, perverted priests and nasty nuns, sexy

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    • CatSamOutfits Unlicensed Professionals: What To Wear on Dr. Suzy (11/5/2014) - Unlicensed Professionals: What To Wear on Dr. Suzy from Electric SEX Enterprises on Vimeo. Once again, Cate and Sam voraciously try on lingerie in an attempt to find a suitable outfit to wear (and later take off) on The Dr. Susan Block show New Videos Every Sunday electricSEXent.com facebook.com/unlicensedprofessionals twitter.com/unlicensedpros instagram.com/unlicensedprofessionals unlicensedpros.tumblr.com youtube.com/unlicensedpros

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