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Length 1:36:59 Date: October 3, 2015 by Dr. Susan Block Happy Kink Month! Did you know that October is International Kink Month? Neither did I, until yesterday when Hercules Liotard’s post popped up on my timeline. Apparently, just as Good Vibrations declared May to be Masturbation Month, Stockroom has designated October as “Kink Month,” encouraging kinksters in and out of
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Fall into The Bonobo Way – FEET First! This Saturday on DrSuzy.Tv! Loni Legend, Brock Doom, & Kierra Wilde! To RSVP Call 310.568.0066, Studio members are free. Deets here. Therapy Spotlight: Feet Are fantasies about toes, arches, ankle, legs, stockings and pantyhose, nylons, fishnets, shoes or boots on your mind? Speak with our therapists and learn how to enjoy your fetish for feet with your partner. Call
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Tamera in Bonoboville: Biz, Helane, Benjamin von Mendelssohn, Dr. Susan Block with Ecosexuality & The Bonobo Way, Sabine Lichtenfels with Dieter Duhm's Terra Nova, Global Revolution & the Healing of Love, Dayton Rains, Michael Wisnieux. Row 2: Joseph. Photo: L'Erotique

Length 1:32:31 Date: September 26, 2015   by Dr. Susan Block It’s Supermoon Eve, just before the total lunar eclipse, when Bonoboville welcomes a different kind of luminosity into the Womb Room, a human beacon of light illuminating peace through pleasure on Earth. Two visionary leaders of the “healing biotope,” TAMERA, an extraordinary human community, grace my broadcast bed, sharing
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 Happy Autumn Equinox! FALL into The Bonobo Way Today! TAMERA this Saturday! This Saturday, 9/26, DrSuzy.Tv presents Tamera & Terra Nova. RSVP to join us in-studio: Call 310.568.0066, Studio members free. Deets here Fall into the Bonobo Way! Now with its 27th ★★★★★ review! Fall into The Bonobo Way this autumn… Louboutins! Communion! Sybian! + Book Spanking Dayton Rains & Jeanie Marie on DrSuzy.Tv! To
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Agwa Halloween! Photo: RingoShotYou

Length 1:49:13 Date: September 19, 2015   by Dr. Susan Block It’s the cusp of the Fall Equinox, but it still feels like the Bonobo Summer of Love here in the Womb Room, and oh my goddesses, is it hot… in more ways than one. My first featured guest is Jeanie Marie, adult star, budding film director and Jack the
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FALL into The Bonobo Way Today This Saturday on DrSuzy.Tv Delightfully daffy Dayton Rains will be joining Dr. Suzy on the broadcast bed with her pal James Dickinson this Saturday 9/19. To RSVP call 310.568.0066. Can’t join us in the flesh? Watch or listen free on DrSuzy.TV. Studio members can attend for free.  Playboy, Emmys & a 9/11 Mission of
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On Playboy Radio's "Swing with Holli & Michael"

Pix from Playboy Radio & Our Emmys Soiree! Swing (& The Bonobo Way)! with Holli & Michael on Playboy Radio Great interview on Playboy Radio‘s “Swing” with sexy Holli & Michael about The Bonobo Way Good questions! Not surprisingly, they’re totally into Sperm Wars. Miyoko from Sex Week at Yale Just before my Playboy interview, who do I see but
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Patricia Johnson & Mark A. Michaels, Dr. Susan Block with "Designer Relationships" & Filly Films "Filthy Fashion Models," Ana Foxxx with The Bonobo Way, Lotus Lain book-spanking bday gal Biz Bonobo, Rebekah Nazarian with Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur. Chelsea Demoiselle.  Photo: Jux Lii

  Length 1:27:25 Date: September 12, 2015   by Dr. Susan Block How can you enjoy a good book? Let me count the ways… You can read it, study its poetry or prose, savor its style, explore its meaning, laugh at its jokes, learn from its lessons, put it in a library, discuss it with fellow readers, lend it out
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Birthday spankings for DrSuzy.Tv producer Biz Bonobo O Wow Orgasms, Filly Films, Biz Bday & Designer Relationships on DrSuzy.Tv! To RSVP for this Saturday 9//12 call 310.568.0066, or just tune into DrSuzy.TV. Check out our special guests here. Dr. Suzy at the Emmys Going to the 67th Annual Emmy Awards Reception for Documentary & Reality Programming Nominees this Friday, September 11th, at the
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Length 1:43:15 Date: September 5, 2015 by Dr. Susan Block Labor Day becomes “Labia Day” on DrSuzy.Tv, broadcasting live from Bonoboville on the first Saturday night of September. Our first Labia Day, a.k.a., #LabiaDay, celebration features the delightful labia-lapping Dayton Rains showing off her own world-famous labia in multiple positions and configurations, expertly licking my lucky labia and, in that
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