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Amor Hilton on the Mad X Bike with Oculus Rift, Ron Jeremy, Mad X-Bike, Capt'n Max, Luzer Twersky, Dr. Susan Block with Ron de Jeremy Rum, Amor Hilton with The Bonobo Way, Elizabeth Aston. Photo: L'Erotique.

Length 2:54:07 Date: May 23, 2015   by Dr. Susan Block It’s the third Saturday of Masturbation Month, falling smack in the middle of Memorial Day Weekend, so manhandle those hot dogs and mash those potatoes, Brothers and Sisters! On the surface, Memorial Day seems like just a nice, festive, family-oriented celebration with lots of outdoor cooking—the Great American BBQ
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Rev up the Sybian & ride out the last days of Masturbation Month! Baby Block Back on DrSuzy.Tv! Back from Back East, Amor “Baby Block” Hilton this Saturday. RSVP: Call 310-568-0066. Wiley-Blackwell Publishes New Sexuality Encyclopedia! Top entries on Phone Sex, Fetish, Cuckolding, Spanking & Striptease written by Dr. Susan Block!  More Info DomCon LA, Class of 2015 Dr. Suzy
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  Celebrate Your Freedom to be Restrained by Dr. Susan Block Freedom may be the greatest aphrodisiac, but restraint is a close second. That’s a large aspect of the allure of DOMCON, the world’s biggest and shiniest convention for professional and Lifestyle Dommes, Doms, subs, slaves, switches, fetishists and kinksters; freethinkers who feel free enough to consensually surrender their freedom,
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Who’s your Domme this Masturbation Month? DomCon LA Dr. Suzy will be at DomCon LA with Goddess Soma Snake Oil & Domination Directory International (DDI) this Saturday signing copies of The Bonobo Way & shooting segments for The Dr. Susan Block Show.. More Here Masturbation Month History Learn the origins of Masturbation Month, according to Dr. Suzy. Hats off to Drs. Jocelyn Elders & Betty
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by Dr. Susan Block What a joke. Russell Brand has branded the RƎVO˩ution as his own personal property. The adorable, toothy, wild-eyed comedian/pundit may rant like a prophet against “corporate tyranny,” but he’s not below making a quid off the struggle, even if it means ripping off the people. According to the Daily Mail, in a move one might expect
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Chelsea Raw in Baja, Luzer Twerskey with The Bonobo Way, Dr. Susan Block, Karen Summer. Photo: L'Erotique

Length 1:29:42 Date: May 09, 2015 by Dr. Susan Block Its mid-Masturbation Month, and we celebrate the self-pleasure season with this intimate live broadcast featuring two of the Dr. Susan Block Institute’s top therapists, AVN Hall of Famer and celebrity sex therapist  Karen Summer, and our beloved Chelsea Raw—in the raw!—on location in Baja, Mexico. Also joining us in-studio from
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Bonoboville on the Road at the Zorthian Ranch Primavera 2015. Photo: Abe & Ken Bonobo

  by Dr. Susan Block It’s been over a decade since I attended a Zorthian Ranch Primavera, the annual bacchanalian festival of spring in the lush San Gabriel Mountains. My last Primavera was also the last of an era presided over by Col. Jirayr H Zorthian, artist, bon vivant, Yale man, Armenian genocide survivor, rancher, recycling pioneer, connoisseur of fine
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may_Merry_Masturbation_Month DrSuzy.tv

Merry Masturbation Month! Give Yourself a Hand! Zorthian Primavera & Screening! This Saturday, The Dr. Susan Block Show goes “on location” to Zorthian Ranch for Primavera & the screening of Dr. Suzy’s film Zorthian Art & Times! Celebrate Self-Love May is Masturbation Month! Honor Sex for One :) We know what fun it is, but what is the political importance
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Masturbation Exploration DrSuzyTV

By Dr. Susan Block Merry Masturbation Month! May is Masturbation Month, having been so proclaimed by my mentor, Dr. Betty Dodson, along with the good folks at Good Vibrations, over 20 years ago, to honor the wisdom and courage of former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders. In answer to a question at the end of a United Nations speech in 1994, Dr.
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Chelsea Raw on The Mad X Bike, KB Havoc with Bill Clinton & The Bonobo Way, Dr. Susan Block, Onyx Muse with Anthony Winn drawing, Anthony Winn. Photo: L'Erotique

Length 1:35:13 Date: April 25, 2015 by Dr. Susan Block It’s the pre-game party show to Masturbation Month on DrSuzy.Tv, and we’ve got a muse named Muse cheering us onto the field of play. Go! Cum! Go! Onyx Muse, in nothing but thigh-high athletic socks, a skimpy thong and a flouncy cheerleading skirt (that she strips off to reveal her
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