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Casual Sex & Squirting: Jasmin Lee with The Bonobo Way, Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, Dr. Susan Block with Agwa, Deauxma, Sally D'Angelo. Photo: Jux Lii

Length 1:50:17:00 Date: Feb. 28, 2015 by Dr. Susan Block From stimulating “Casual Sex” conversation to a marvelous demonstration of female ejaculation, this star-studded bonoboësque DrSuzy.Tv show brings together great performers and thinkers, professors and porn stars, sexpots and scholars, from Macedonia to Texas and Egypt to LA, to discuss, express, explore and explode with 50,000 shades of the poly-colored
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Live Show Saturday!! Phone Sex Therapy Anytime ❤ Bonobo Spring “Casual Sex” this Saturday 2/28! Hot Show this Saturday! Members Only. Membership Has Its Pleasures! RSVP: Call 310-568-0066 Dr. Zhana to explain “Casual Sex” on DrSuzy.Tv! Joining Dr. Susan Block in-studio will be Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, New York University sex researcher & Casual Sex Project creator,. Also in-studio:one of our
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Length 1:29:20:00 Date: Feb. 21, 2015   by Dr. Susan Block Still “in recovery” from last Saturday’s orgiastic whiptastic Valentine Lupercalia Bacchanalia, it’s nice to relax into a relatively small, intimate show focusing on just a couple guests, taking on issues of sex, love, the gender of God and 50 Shades of Holy Crap, while enjoying the sensuous sight of
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Live Show Saturday!! Phone Sex Therapy Anytime ❤ Bonobo Spring Hot Wax DrSuzy.Tv this Saturday ! Hot Wax Speakeasy 2/21/15 with Master D, Layla Blue & Jasmine Flowers! Members Only. Listen Free or Watch on DrSuzy.Tv! Want to join us in-studio? FREE for Members! Membership Has Its Pleasures. Call 310-568-0066 Can’t Join Us In the Flesh? Listen FREE On Your Cell: http://m.drsuzy.tv
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Lasse Braun kisses my butt.

by Dr. Susan Block I met the great sexual revolutionary and explicit film auteur Lasse Braun in 1993 when he called the phone number that appeared on my screen during one of my cable TV shows. When his call was put through to my husband Max, he introduced himself using his birth name, Alberto Ferro. Max was pretty blasé about
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Miley May, Amor Hilton, Haley Sweet, Dr. Susan Block, Rainey Lane, Loni Legend, Ron Jeremy, Charli Piper. Row 2: Jux Lii of Jux Leather, Chelsea Raw, Pussy Peddla. Photo: Irwin J

Length 1:45:00:00 Date: Feb. 14, 2015   by Dr. Susan Block It’s V-Day 2015 on DrSuzy.Tv, and we celebrate Western civilization’s high holiday of love with a fantastic, orgiastic festival of lust. This sexy star-studded tribute to Lupercalia, the original pagan Valentine’s Day, is one wild, whip-cracking, spanking-hot, swinging, suckling, heart-felt feast for all the senses, including your sense of
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by Dr. Susan Block It seems like the biggest fans of 50 Shades of Grey are those who have not actually read the book. As a writer and avid reader, I confess I found it to be 50 Shades of torture, and not the erotic kind. After wading through bogs of insipid phrases like “holy crap,” “oh my!” and “inner
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Lupercalia Saturday!! Phone Sex Therapy Anytime ❤ My Bonobo Valentine Only 4 More Spaces Left for Valentine/Lupercalia Fest! Celebrate the High Holiday of Love & Lust this Saturday  in Bonoboville, LA with Dr. Susan Block, Ron Jeremy, V-Day Angel Amor Hilton, Miley May, Alana & Scott Evans, Haley Sweet, Dark Phoenix, Rainey Lane, JuxLii, JuxLeather, Jessica Shores, Amanda Blow, Chelsea Raw & more!  RSVP:
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Gia, Jenny Buss with The Bonobo Way, Alisia da Pussy Peddla, Dark Phoenix with the Private Gym, Dr. Susan Block with JuxLeather Lupercalian "Februa" and Finger Flogger, Amanda Blow with SUZY Award, Sonny Cool, Tyler V. Photo: L'erotique

Length 1:56:03:00 Date: Feb. 7, 2015 by Dr. Susan Block Rousing hip hop rock, ecosexual communion. erotic spoken-word poetry and a good old-fashioned sloppy blowjob are some of this eclectic, artistic show’s highlights. Amanda Blow, winner of the “Most Colorful BJ” 2014 SUZY Award for her fabulous fruit-rollup fellatio in Bonobo Gal Bacchanal, is the leading lady in this stirring
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Lupercalia 2/14, Phone Sex Therapy Anytime & My Bonobo Valentine Join Us February 14th! Seeking a very special Valentine’s Day? Join Dr. Susan Block, sexperts, pornstars, singers, swingers, hipsters & whipsters for a uniquely exciting evening at our beautiful new space in West LA, surrounded by erotic art, Open Bar, aphrodisiacs, sex toys, Juxleather floggers & romantic balconies in a
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