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This week Abby Martin visits The Dr Susan Block Show: Tune in LIVE, 10:30pm PST on DrSuzy.tv! ABBY MARTIN this Saturday! Groundbreaking host of “Breaking the Set” Abby Martin, joins us in-studio on The Dr. Susan Block Show this Saturday, April 18th. Don’t miss this, sure-to-be, sensational show with one of the world’s hottest, smartest, toughest, most powerful & compassionate
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Dr. Suzy & Pr. Max's 23rd Wedding Anniversary (main photo): Goddess Soma Snakeoil, Deanna Deadly, Catherine Imperio, Dr. Susan Block, Pr. Maximillian R. Lobkowicz, Karen Summer with The Bonobo Way. Row 2: Jux Lii, Aaliyah Corsets, Chelsea Raw, Samantha Fairley, Dr. Mars. Inserts from lower left: Mad X Bike, Dark Phoenix, Citizen LA's George Stiehl, Trixie Plenty, Unlicensed Pros, Murrugun the Mystic & Kiki Daire, Anthony Winn, Stacey Dee & Danica W., Keerthi & Nisreen, Lisa V, Hollywood Jake, Keith C, Sienna Sinclaire, Lisa Anne Davis, Corpsy with Girls & Corpses cover featuring Kim Fowley. Photo: Iriwn

Length 1:26:48 Date: April 11, 2015 By Dr. Susan Block It’s our 23rd year of lawfully wedded love and lust, and Capt’n Max and I start the celebration early, just the two of us “partying like bonobos” in bed, climaxing in each other’s arms, the arms we’ve gotten to know so well but, happily, never tired of, lo these 23+
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Dr Suzy & Pr. Max celebrate 23 years of Bonoboësque Love & Marriage! This Saturday, April 11th: Dr. Suzy & Pr. Max’s 23rd Star-Studded Wedding Anniversary! Join us in the Villa Bonobo this Saturday to celebrate 23 Years of Bonoboësque Love & Marriage with a bevy of stars & hotties! Free for Studio Members <<Read more & find out which
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Dayenu Spanking! LOX et Veritas! Photo: L'Erotique

Length 1:40:01 Date: April 04, 2015 by Dr. Susan Block It’s another rollicking Last Supper Seder on DrSuzy.Tv, as we toast and taste the convergence of Easter Eve and the second night of Passover. Apologies to our Muslim brothers and sisters for not also blasphemously celebrating an Islamic Spring holiday, but the only one we know of is Persian New Year,
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Make Sperm Wars Not Real Wars! Join the Fight for Pleasure in Bonoboville. SPERM WARS Threesomes, Cuckolding, Gangbangs, oh my! But… why? Dr. Suzy explains the evolutionary biology in SPERM WARS… WATCH SPERM WARS on YOUTUBE READ the “SPERM WARS” MANIFESTO Read it on Counterpunch Need to talk about it? Call us: 310-568-0066. The Bonobo Way now has Twenty 5-Star
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Cuckolds, Threesomes & Evolutionary Biology by Dr. Susan Block Most men are excited by the idea of their women being with other men. Yes, most. They may or may not actually like it. But many an otherwise sensible gentleman finds himself aroused upon seeing his hot wife, girlfriend or significant other flirt with a stranger, or perhaps a friend. He
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Chelsea Raw, Deanna Deadly, Dr. Susan Block with Dirty Tequila & Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur & Sasha Sweet with The Bonobo Way.  Photo: L'Erotique

Length 1:36:37 Date: Mar. 28, 2015   By Dr. Susan Block A splash of classic burlesque, a lick of Icelandic #FreetheNipple-inspired Bonoboville Communion, Bonobo Spring politics, Sperm Wars, old friends and new discoveries get stirred and shaken into a tasty concoction that makes this show go down nice and easy like a shot of Agwa or Dirty Tequila… Burlesque is
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Make like bonobos, not baboons! Get a FREE Bonoboville account. This Saturday On DrSuzy.Tv Deanna Deadly: Red Hot Burlesque Dancer! <<READ MORE.  RSVP: Call 310-568-0066 April 11th: Dr. Suzy & Pr. Max’s 23rd Wedding Anniversary Bash Save the Date! Join us at the VILLA BONOBO to celebrate 23 Years of Bonoboësque Love & Marriage with a bevy of stars &
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Samantha Fairley, Karen Summer with the Bonobo Way, Anthony Winn, Catherine Imperio with Agwa, Dr. Susan Block with Naughty Girl Guides, Sienna Sinclaire, Onyx Muse, Layla Blue Phoenix (Row 2) Al C, Keith C, Jon-Jon. Photo: Jux Lii. Inserts: Onyx on the Mad-X-Bike and Dark Phoenix blowing fire

Length 1:41:17 Date: Mar. 21, 2015   by Dr. Susan Block It’s Spring Equinox, and the Womb Room is blooming with daffodils and the scent of sexual excitement, as the leaders of LA’s pleasure-seeking party circuit, artists, authors, porn stars, doctors, comics, fire performers, gorgeous “naughty girls” and hot frisky guys come together to party like bonobos in Bonoboville, sharing
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By Dr. Susan Block Spring has sprung. The grass has riz. Do you know where the party is? Bonoboville! Having declared 2015 the first “Year of the Bonobo” in the heady, hung-over days of early January, it’s time to spring forward into the quintessential season to go bonobos. Spring! The word itself leaps for joy, strips off sweaters and dives
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