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Thanksgiving Greetings–and Spanksgiving Beatings!–from Bonoboville ❤ Give “The Bonobo Way” It’s the ultimate sex-affirming stocking stuffer! Give it to your “prime mate” or any mate! They’ll love the wit, wisdom and super-sexy, paradigm-exploding perspective of this extraordinary new book about the evolution of peace through pleasure: The Bonobo Way. Also on Kindle << MORE Get STUFFED This Thanksgiving… Food is
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Maya, Ron Jeremy, Dr. Susan Block, Aaliyah Corsets, Amor Hilton, Chelsea Demoiselle. Photo: BW

Length 1:55:18:00   Date: Nov. 22, 2014 Wearing 50 Shades of Green and wielding paddles, vibrators, a chinchilla after-care glove and The Bonobo Way (print edition), I open up the Womb Room Chapel of the new Church of Bonoboville @ LAX for a jubilant, squirting, Sybian-riding, happy slappy Spanksgiving holiday show. Sing hallelujah! Give spanks for all! What a joyous, sex-affirming,
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Dark Phoenix, Amanda Blow, Jenny Buss, Dr. Susan Block, Maya Goddess, Amber Golde, Chelsea Demoiselle. Photo: L'erotique

Length 1:56:43:00   Date: Nov. 15, 2014 It’s our first live broadcast after The Bonobo Way book launch from the new Womb Room, but I’m so engrossed in the Great Kindle Giveaway—in which our “Amazon Bestsellers Rank” dropped from 400,000 to 1291 in two breathless days!—that I don’t even find out who this show’s guests are until they sashay into the
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Photos of The Bonobo Way Launch Party by Jux Lii, Felix, Ron Lyon, Keerthi, Nisreen

Length 1:10:00   Date: Nov. 8, 2014   It’s my darling prime mate Capt’n Max’s biggest birthday bash yet, a rousing re-opening of the “Speakeasy” at Bonoboville in West LA, a slightly bumpy-but-über-fun first live broadcast from the new studios and an exuberant, orgasmic and fiery launch for The Bonobo Way – FREE on Kindle November 12-15! And no, you needn’t
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Bonobo Way Excitement in Bonoboville, the Institute & on DrSuzy.Tv! “The Bonobo Way” Launch Party & Speakeasy Opening + Capt’n Max’s Bday Bash–All in One Great Nite! This Saturday night, November 8th. RSVP now for the Party of the Year. Come share the sexual knowledge, connect with new friends & old, help save the real bonobos in the wild and
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 It’s the eve of (finally!) publishing my new book The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure, and I’m deeply grateful for all the glowing reviews coming in from some of the world’s most highly esteemed humans, from primatologists to porn stars, best-selling authors, artists, environmentalists, international icons and the former Pakistani Ambassador to the United States, refreshing my
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Scary-Sex Halloween Greetings from Bonoboville, the Institute & DrSuzy.Tv! Bonoboville FUN-Raiser / Fundraiser! Donate NOW to Help Build the Exciting New Speakeasy Studios in time for The Bonobo Way Launch Party! <<More Make Way for The Bonobo Way!!! Order Your Signed First Edition of Dr. Susan Block’s amazing new book The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure NOW
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Length 2:27:00   Date: Sept. 27, 2014   It’s our last show in the little RadioSUZY1 studio of New Bonoboville LAX, and what a succulent, sprawling, bi-coastal, “polycrafty” two and a half hours (yes, we go into overtime big time) of sex education, erotic exploration, sacred sexual celebration and live in-studio copulation it is! As we go on-air, our LA guests
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Indian Summer LoVE from Bonoboville, the Institute & DrSuzy.Tv! Bonoboville FUN-Raiser / Fundraiser! Donate NOW to Help Build the Exciting New Speakeasy Studios in time for The Bonobo Way Launch Party! <<More Let’s Get SEX-Crafty on DrSuzy.Tv Tonite… The Dr. Susan Block Show, broadcasting live from Bonoboville, will be our last show in the small studio! Don’t miss it! <<
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Eric Razo, Emily Marilyn, Dr. Susan Block, Maya. Photo: L'Erotique. Insert: U.S. Congressional Candidate Rose Izzo (DE)

Length 1:29:20   Date: Sept. 20, 2014 Featuring a couple of fabulous women on the front lines of the American sex-affirmative revolution, this DrSuzy.Tv show rocks the electoral boat with a latex paddle. In-studio is fetish supermodel Emily Marilyn, a passionate rubber lover with a body like Jessica Rabbit and a mind like Havelock Ellis (including his taste for water sports).
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